ARMOTMCertification Programs

Accredited Risk Management Officer (ARMOTM) certification, initiated and awarded by International Society for Financial Management (ISFM), is a professional certification of the technical level of those engaged in financial risk management. Accredited Risk Management Officer (ARMOTM) certification puts forward strict evaluation criteria for the consistency of comprehensive professional knowledge and practical skills for today's financial risk management practitioners in terms of professional ethics, financial foundation, quantitative analysis, financial theory, market risk management, credit risk management, operational risk management, enterprise risk management, risk management modeling, corporate governance, macro economy, global mainstream financial regulatory frameworks, management techniques and interpretation of hot topics in financial risk practice. Accredited Risk Management Officer (ARMOTM) certification breaks in to three levels, which are Accredited Risk Management Officer Level 1 (ARMOTM L1) program, Accredited Risk Management Officer Level 2 (ARMOTM L2) program and Accredited Risk Management Officer Level 3 (ARMOTM L3) program; and ARMOTM L1 is the fundamental entrance level while ARMOTM L3 is the advanced level.

To gain ARMOTM Certification, an ARMOTM certification program candidate should follow the pathway below:

Enroll and Register

Enroll and register as candidate for ARMOTM L1, ARMOTM L2 or ARMOTM L3 programs to obtain ARMOTM information and preparation materials.

Attend the Education

Complete the course credits required by each level and the awarded serial number by accredited educational organizations.

Take the Examination

Use the serial number, sign up for the ARMOTM exam, and meet the minimum exam scores required by the corresponding exam.

File the Application

Submit the corresponding information required for certification or re-certification, and wait for the approval of the ISFM

Awarded the Certification

Once receiving the approval from the ISFM, the applicant will be awarded the certification applied and has the right to use the corresponding designation.