The International Society for Financial Management (ISFM) is a professional body for financial practitioners. ISFM dedicates to creating greater alliance, transparency, and knowledge for all participants,including such fields as Fintech, Green Finance and Risk Management, etc. advocates for the highest ethical standards for all participants.

ISFM is a “for-purpose” organization working diligently to advance careers, strengthen organizational success, and enable financial practitioners with new skills and ways of working to maximize their impact. ISFM offerings include recognized standards framework, ethical & best practices, certifications programs, tools, digital publications, and communities.

ISFM believes professionalism is the blend of three elements, which builds the ISFM ACE model

Ability - gaining the initial competence to do your job through professional certifications, developed by practitioners for practitioners

Competence- continuing Professional Education (CPE) and ongoing learning which enables you to maintain competence

Ethics- upholding the highest standards of integrity by signing up to a professional body's code of conduct.

We believe a professional is someone who has a combination of Ability and Competence, and Ethics with integrity. Our purpose, as a professional body, is to provide and encourage the attributes necessary to be a professional.