Learning Targets

CFTMTM certification program aims to lead CFTMTM candidates to the fast-changing landscape, addressing both the opportunities and challenges. CFTMTM participants will gain insight into the current FinTech ecosystem, including notable FinTech companies and the FinTech investing community. In CFTMTMcertification program, a framework and deep survey including digital payments, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and cryptocurrency, as well as innovations in the related markets of real estate and insurance will be presented. CFTMTM participants will also be led to the trends, insights, tools, and technologies driving the FinTech revolution. Furthermore,
CFTMTM certification program provides participants with a look at the regulatory atmosphere surrounding FinTech.

Who is CFRMTM certification program for

If you’re a financial services executive or a leader on the business side of a FinTech startup, you will gain insights concerning crypto, blockchain, machine learning, or other digital-based projects your organization might be exploring or launching:

  • Mid- to Senior-level managers in finance
  • CxOs of FinTech startups
  • Senior management leading FinTech function
  • Technology, growth, and innovation consultants
  • Professionals working in real estate, insurance, risk, compliance, and regulatory fields

Representative roles include:

  • CEO
  • Financial Analyst
  • CFO
  • Credit Analyst
  • Managing Partner
  • Economist
  • Founding Partner
  • Management Accountant
  • Finance Director
  • Director of Digital Transformation
  • VP of Finance
  • FinTech Advisor
  • Financial Planning Manager
  • FinTech Consultant
  • Finance Manager
  • Associate FinTech Consultant
  • FinTech Consultant and Strategic Advisor
  • Director of Regulatory Affairs
  • VP of Audit and Compliance
  • Policy Director
  • Compliance Manager
  • Risk Manager
  • Senior Vice President of Innovation
  • Audit Manager