Learning Targets

The aim of RGFPTM Certification program is to develop a candidate’s professional knowledge of green finance, including climate change, climate risk and sustainable finance. Certificants of the RGFPTM Certification program will be equipped with competence to support customers, clients, colleagues, and communities with the transition to a low-carbon world.

The Registered Green Finance Professional (RGFPTM) certification program helps you to develop a better understanding of the needs of capital markets in terms of green finance and provide you with the tools to embrace holistically green finance integration.

Who is RGFPTM certification program for?

RGFPTM Certification program is designed for practitioners acting in investment role who want to learn how to analyze and integrate materials, productions and tools in green finance. It is also suitable for anyone working in risk management, wealth management, financial product development, financial advice, consulting and anyone looking to improve their understanding of green finance.

How RGFPTM certification will benefit you

  • Become familiar with key concepts related to green finance and then learn how to integrate them into the financial decision-making process for public and private issuers and investors.
  • Establish core knowledge of the key environmental, social, and governance factors associated with assessing financial decisions and investments.
  • Learn how to apply financial tools to incorporate and adopt green finance-related factors in selecting and managing a portfolio.
  • Introduce relevant examples and case studies designed to apply newly developed skills to addressing real-world problems related to green finance.
  • Gain a unique and practical certification and designation
  • Improve competitive career advantage