CFTMTMCertification Programs

Innovations in financial technology have exploded in recent years, resulting in the emergence of disruptive new tools, platforms, and products focused on back-end systems and consumer-facing services. The field exists at the crossroads of transforming business practices and financial industries. The CFTMTMcertification program is designed for any professional, investor, or FinTech practitioners who are interested in gaining a deeper understanding of FinTech trends, ecosystems, tools, and methods of executing financial technology innovations.

To gain CFTMTM Certification, a certification program candidate should follow the pathway below:

Enroll and Register

Enroll and register as candidate for CFTMTM program to obtain CFTMTM information and preparation materials.

Attend the Education

Complete the course credits required and the awarded serial number by accredited educational organizations.

Take the Examination

Use the serial number, sign up for the CFTMTM exam, and meet the minimum exam scores required.

File the Application

Submit the corresponding information required for certification or re-certification, and wait for the approval of the ISFM

Awarded the Certification

Once receiving the approval from the ISFM, the applicant will be awarded the certification applied and has the right to use the corresponding designation.