Learning Targets

The ARMOTM Level 3 program is the highest-level program for in-service senior risk managers.

According to the development strategy and business development needs of the organization, the ARMOTM Level 3 certificants shall meet the following requirements: have the ability to establish and improve the comprehensive risk management and compliance system, supervise and inspect the legal compliance of the organization's operation and management behavior, play an important role in risk management in the decision-making of significant investment projects and innovative businesses, and provide support for the organization's decision-making and comprehensive risk management; be responsible for establishing effective risk prevention and response mechanism in the organization, organizing and promoting the construction of enterprise risk management team and culture; have a high level of corporate governance and leadership, and play a key role in organizational structure construction and team management; have strong insight, sensitivity and judgment in dealing with the development of financial market and cutting-edge technology, and play a leading role in financial reform, business innovation and institutional development.

Through the training and assessment required by Accredited Risk Management Officer (ARMOTM) certification, the ARMOTM Level 3 certificants shall be familiar with and master the knowledge system of PART I, PART II and PART III of the syllabus, and have the comprehensive ability to manage the overall risk of the organization as well as the professional ethics and general knowledge of relevant laws and regulations required by Accredited Risk Management Officer (ARMOTM) certification.

Application requirements

Those who have obtained 216 credits after recognized training can apply for the exam and can apply for the certificate upon passing the exam, meeting any of following requirements, and submitting two recommendation letters.

High school diploma, Associate’s degree or equivalent, with 8 years working experience in related fields

Undergraduate or equivalent, with 7 years working experience in related fields

Bachelor degree or equivalent, with 6 years working experience in related fields

Master's degree or equivalent, or having obtained the certificate of ARMOTM Level 2 program or intermediate or above professional technical title or professional qualification in finance, accounting, economics, management and other related majors, with 4 years of working experience in related fields

Doctor degree or equivalent, with 2 years working experience in related fields

Education requirement

Candidates participating in the ARMOTM Level 3 program exam shall complete training courses of 108 hours / 216 credits.

Scoring & Results

Exam Content

PART I of the syllabus (accounting for 30%), PART II of the syllabus (accounting for 30%), PART III of the syllabus (accounting for 40%)

* ARMOTM Level 2 certificants can apply for exemption from the morning section exam of the ARMOTM Level 3 program, and their scores in the most recent exam of the ARMOTM Level 3 program will be referred.

Exam Structure

Computer-based exam

PART I (60 multiple choice questions)

PART II (60 multiple choice questions)

PART III (80 multiple choice questions), a professional competence assessment report is required.

Exam result

Exam results are emailed approximately 10 weeks after a candidate takes the exam, and the exams are scored with the result of ‘passed’ or ‘failed’, and the minimum passing benchmark for each exam is set by the ISFM. The purpose of this approach is to ensure fairness to candidates across administrations based on the difficulty of each exam, and the ISFM does not release the minimum passing benchmark.