Ethics, Practices and Governance

RGFPTM will offer a broad discussion of corporate boardroom considerations, ethics in the workplace, and the issue of corporate sustainability. Moreover, establish a foundation to build an environmentally conscious path toward decarbonizing the energy sector.

Regulatory Approaches to Green Finance

RGFPTM program introduces Regulatory approaches and responses at global, national and regional levels. Regulation, laws and rules on green finance, climate change and relevant fields would be described.

Financial Markets and Environment Effects

RGFPTM program introduces climate change and its impacts on the environment, economy, society and financial service. Moreover, the fundamental principles that govern socially responsible investing in the context of environmental criteria and financial markets would be introduced and explained.

Measuring, Monitoring and Reporting

RGFPTM program introduce the models, products, and tools related to green finance. Climate-related risks would be a specific topic in RGFPTM program. The measuring, monitoring and reporting climate risks would be presented in this section, the modelling climate risks, including the use of scenario analysis as well.

Socially Responsible Investing

Socially responsible investing including strategies, markets, and stakeholders as well as its best practices within societies and markets would be introduced in RGFPTM.

Green Finance in Cleantech, Renewables, and Alternative Energy

RGFPTM explores the models, financing vehicles, and investment opportunities for alternative energy sources.