RGFPTMCertification Program

The migration to a low-carbon future is one of the most complex challenges we have never faced. The transition leads profound implications for every aspect of life, including finance. The Registered Green Finance Professional(RGFPTM) is designed to equip financial services professionals with the skills needed to navigate the challenges and recognize the opportunities.

To Gain the RGFPTM Certification and designation, a RGFPTM certification program candidate should follow the pathway below:

Enroll and Register

Enroll and register as candidate for RGFPTM program to obtain RGFPTM information and preparation materials.

Attend the Education

Complete the course credits required and the awarded serial number by accredited educational organizations.

Take the Examination

Use the serial number, sign up for the RGFPTM exam, and meet the minimum exam scores required.

File the Application

Submit the corresponding information required for certification or re-certification, and wait for the approval of the ISFM

Awarded the Certification

Once receiving the approval from the ISFM, the applicant will be awarded the certification applied and has the right to use the corresponding designation.