Instruction to ISFM's ACP


Our ACP Program gives official recognition to leading learning providers offering qualified education and support to students taking the ISFM’s certifications, such as AMROTM, CFTMTM and RGFPTM. It is the platform from which we can develop a mutually beneficial relationship, increasing the global availability of effective and innovative ISFM’s certification programs delivery and first-class student support.

As a reminder, ISFM does not endorse, promote, review, or warrant the accuracy or the products or services offered by ACPs. Nor does ISFM endorse pass rates claimed by any ACP. Further, ISFM is not responsible for any fees or costs paid by the user to any ACP. ISFM provides information as a service.

ACP List

  • Golden Tree Education: ACP of AMROTM, CFTMTM and RGFPTM(2021-2022)
  • FinanceBerg Education: ACP of AMROTM (2021-2022)
  • Golden Ti Education: ACP of AMROTM and CFTMTM (2021-2022)
  • Jade Education: ACP of AMROTM (2021-2022)

ACP Benefits

Below is a summary of Program benefits available to ACP s.

1. ISFM Authorized ACP logo

License to use the official ACP Seal. The ACP Seal must be used in compliance with Program policies.

2. Train-the-trainer instruction

Train-the-trainer instruction is to prepare your instructors for providing high-quality examination preparation instruction with up-to-date training methodologies on relevant topics.

3. Displays in ACP Directories

Your company profile and contact can be viewed by students searching the unique web page on ISFM's website where ACP information is made available.

4. Access to an exclusive ACP Events

Program updates and networking opportunities with others in the ACP Community.

5. Registered Education Provider Community

The ACP e-newsletter will be sent to primary and compliance contacts, which contains timely information regarding ISFM’s certification programs, such as AMROTM, CFTMTM and RGFPTM and other products and services.

ACP Program Requirements

ACP program requirements were created to provide consistent and high-quality training for candidates. For more ACP information you can contact: